The start at Gellerasen, Karlskoga, 2013.
The start at Gellerasen, Karlskoga, 2013.

This is a one-make-class consisting of big, beautiful and powerful american Chevy Camaros, Ford Mustangs and Dodge Challengers! Of course the cars are equipped with V8’s! Many of the drivers and teamowners are big fans of the american car culture and NASCAR. They live for their sport!

The poularity of the class has been up and down over time, but to the season of 2010, the class had their biggest evolution ever! The New Camaro, called CCR 2010, entered the Swedish arenas!

The car has nothing but the looks in common with the 2010 road version. It is built for one purpose and one purpose only, to be a race car! No compromises what so ever!

The management of the drivers association believed in more than 20 new cars on the grid at the premiere! And they were right. The 2010 season is now historic!

As it looks for 2014, there will be 12 races during 6 occasions/weekends this year. All races are driven at the same weekends, and in collaboration with, the STCC - the Swedish Touring Car Championship. This is the best of Swedish motorsports and this is where the crowd is!

V89 Thunder Cars has grown a reputation of giving spectators real good value for money, the class is very popular. Because of the strength of the cars, both the chassis and the engines, the drivers can be quite wild on the track! At the same time, if you want to meet nice and friendly people between the races, you better visit the V8TC teams! They appreciate the fans!

If you study the results and standings, you may recognize some well known drivers. Names like for example Bjorn Wirdheim (F1), P-G Andersson (World Champ Rally) and Samuel Hübinette (World Champ Drifting), Nic Jönsson (US F1 among other achievements). They all enjoy, or enjoyed, to drive in V8 Thunder Cars! That's big!

/The V8 Thunder Cars Organisation

2014-08-28 Patric Sundel siktar framåt mot Solvalla!
Bryntesson Motorsport med föraren Patric Sundel har siktet inställt på framskjutna placeringar på Solvalla.
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2014-08-21 Bryntesson Motorsport redo för andra halvlek!

Svenska Mästerskapet i V8 Thunder Cars går nu in i andra halvan av serien.
På Ring Knutstorp kommer deltävling fyra av sex att avgöras nu i helgen.
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2014-08-18 Team Trysil med Stein Frederic Akre er klare for Knutstorp og neste runde i V8 Thunder Cars 22-23 Augusti

Stein Frederic ligger nå på en 3 plass i SM bare 10 poeng etter nr. 2.
Siste løp på Falkenberg var igjen en bra helg for Stein Frederic med to 2 plasser i løpet.
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Ladda hem den senaste Google Earth filen. Denna filen kommer med automatik uppdateras i framtiden och behövs bara laddas hem en gång. Har ni laddat hem den tidigare så ta bort den och ladda hem denna en gång för alla och njut av de automatiska uppdateringarna.

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